Project Overview

Kaazi - The Uganda national camp site is at Kaazi, 20km outside Kampala on shores of lake Victoria.

The Lookwide building was built by Northumberland Scouts in 1991 and has been well used over the years. As 17 years have pasted since building Lookwide was in need of restoration and maintenance.

Repairs to the roof, doors, windows, solar panel system were carried out and a commemorative cairn built. A group of 20+ Northumberland Scouts and 20+ Ugandan scouts took part in this project and camped at the site.


In January 2008 3 members of the leadership team made a 2 week trip to Uganda to the visit the project sites, assess the amount of work to be done and to get estimates for building materials and food.

Below are pictures of the project and the safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park after the completion of the project.