ISODYN WISE Season 2005/06 - "The Italian Job"

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This was British Antarctic Surveys largest ever airborne survey to date, below is a summary of the seasons work.

  • 70 Sorties from 2 PNRA supplied field camps and 2 bases on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet
  • 60,000 line km nRadar, Magnetics and Gravity
  • BAS and Italian scientists are currently analysing this vaste data set. Initial results are shown in:
    Terra Antartica Reports
    The Italian-British Antarctic Geophysical and Geological Survey in Northern Victoria Land 2005-06 – towards the international Polar Year 2007-08
    ISBN 978-88-88395-05-0

Where did I go exactly? Click here to find out in relation to Rothera and here for more detail (high lighted in red).

In words as best as I can describe I went to East Antarctica flying out the UK to New Zealand then down to Antarctica on a Hercules, to Mario Zucchelli the Italian base at Terra Nova bay (Click here for moving view of MZB and also here plus here for the sat picture and here for the typical grub we ate), test flying and surveying from there then up to Talos Dome surveying; then to Dome C (Concordia) to survey out of there and then after returning and finish in Talos Dome we went to C3 (Sitry) our.  (click on time line below to jump to relevant diary page)

Arrival in New ZealandIn Terra NovaIn Talos DomeIn Dome CReturn to Talos DomeC3 base campIts over

What did we do? WISE (WIlkes basin/transantarctic mountains System Exploration) ISODYN: Ice-house Earth: Stability Or DYNamism? Yes acronym soup time, don't ask me the precise detail but basically it is airborne survey of magnetic's, gravity and ice thickness in a twin otter. (pages are slightly dated but you will get an idea of what its about)

How cold was it or is it now? Very! click here for Mario Zucchelli weather and here for Talos Dome and Dome C (nearest weather station) and here is one of the daily weather forecasts.

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